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Garmin GPS Units for Sale
Updated 2/16/2018

After a successful run of staff developement with GPS and GIS, we are finally retiring this year and plan to sell our equipment and other materials.
Please check out the following link for what we are selling. Click Here - GPS Materials for Sale!!

ILEGA exists to enhance the GPS experiences and Geocaching experiences in the educational communities across the State of Illinois by sharing ideas, projects and information. This web site reflects the activities and goals
of the organization.

EcoCaches Across Illinois
An EcoCache is an educational virtual geocache that people can visit to view an unique feature. EcoCaching is the concept of treasure hunting for caches that the Earth has stored.

The concept of ecocache is derived from the term cology, more specifically human ecology, and it refers to any place where a natural or cultural feature may be found on the landscape.

Examples of ecocaches may include a natural levee, a particular habitat such as a flood plain forest, a viewing platform overlooking a wetland marsh, an historic building, a WPA mural in a post office lobby, or a prehistoric earthwork, each with its own story. 

Used in this context, these features are "exhibits" in a museum without walls, each of which may be located and interpreted with GPS, GIS and/or MP3 technology.

Give a location in your area a voice as well as making your mark on the world for your community!

All you need to get started is something to share locally and a GPS receiver.
EcoCaches Across Illinois Page

Direct Link to Illinois EcoCaches Map

The Illinois Historical Marker Challenge!

Mini GPS Workshop
Not sure about GPS in your school?
Want t
o try out GPS technology with your faculty?
Would you like a mini workshop at your school or district?

Click here for more information!

Watch the Amazing GPS Race held at Dickson Mounds.
Click to play the movie file!
Large MPG file of the Amazing Race

Geospatial Technologies, Staff Development and Classes are ready to bring to your area!

Have you heard the term “Geospatial Technologies” surfacing across the educational technology pipelines of the USA. As educators and consultants in these areas, we are actively involved with this plan for the educational future of your staff & students!

“ Teaching Geography is Fundamental Act”
House Bill HR885IH - Introduced March 11, 2011
Senate Bill S434IS - Introduced March 2, 2011

“To improve and expand geographic literacy among kindergarten through grade 12 students in the United States by improving professional development programs for kindergarten through grade 12 teachers….”
“ In addition, geospatial technology is a new and emerging career available to people with an extensive background in geography education……”
“ We need to do more to ensure that the teachers responsible for the education of our students, from kindergarten through high school graduation, are prepared and trained to teach these critical skills to solve these problems.”
Please contact us for more information!

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