EcoCaches Across Illinois

An EcoCache is an educational virtual geocache that people can visit to view an unique feature. EcoCaching is the concept of treasure hunting for caches that the Earth has stored.
EcoCaches do not use hidden containers. The treasure is the lessons learned about our planet when visiting each site, and through the accompanying interpretive materials.
An EcoCache using latitude and longitude could be used to show moraines, faults, fossils, river and erosional features.
The concept of ecocache is derived from the term cology, more specifically human ecology, and it refers to any place where a natural or cultural feature may be found on the landscape.
Examples of ecocaches may include a natural levee, a particular habitat such as a flood plain forest, a viewing platform overlooking a wetland marsh, an historic building, a WPA mural in a post office lobby, or a prehistoric earthwork, each with its own story. 
Used in this context, these features are "exhibits" in a museum without walls, each of which may be located and interpreted with GPS, GIS and/or MP3 technology.
EcoCaches are being developed by educators, scientists and researchers who have knowledge of interesting features near the area and would like to share them with the world.
Give a location in your area a voice as well as making your mark on the world for your community!
All you need to get started is something to share locally and a GPS receiver.
Dickson Mounds Museum is the birthplace of EcoCaches in Illinois!
EcoCaching in Illinois
EcoCache Categories
Science Hot Spots
Local Natural Phenomenons
Ghost Signs
Town Squares & Courthouses
Covered Bridges
Old Railroad Stations
One Room School Houses
 Round Barns
Pictures, word files or pdfs, sound files and videos can be submitted by email!
We will be happy to post what your students created to give
your ecocache a location and a voice for all to read, hear and see!
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