GPS Lesson Plans

GPS Lessons - Lessons and activities created by Tracy Trimpe at Havana Junior High in Illinois.

Welcome to GPS & GeoCaching in Education: Using GPS and Geocaching in the core curriculum has become a powerful tool in enhancing student understanding of geography, scientific inquiry, math concepts, physical education, problem solving, and language arts. Learn more about it in this web site! We have organized pages of information for you to use in our classroom!
EduScapes - Geocaching with Kids - Browse this article for tips and tricks related to geocaching with kids. The website also provides information for finding and creating geocaches as well as frequently asked questions. Lesson Plans & Resources - Visit this site for an assortment of interesting lesson ideas for remote sensing, GIS, and GPS.
NOVA - Science in the News - This page provides links to online resources and classroom activities to help you integrate GPS technology.

Project ATLAS (Assisted Transnational Learning using Artificial Satellites) is a multidisciplinary, international educational outreach project aimed at school children in the age range of 12—14 years.

University of Virginia - GPS Activities - Explore this site for several lessons investigation global positioning systems.
ATLAS Worksheet: "Seeing" Satellites and Satellite Visibility.

SNUG- Geography Resources for Mapping, GIS, Smartphones and More! Found by Terry Kelly, assistant troop leader for my daughter's girl scouts group.

New Site - Jan 2017 -
Found by Cindy Powell, troop leader and hergirl scouts group from California.

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