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GIS2GPS Program

The following suggested items are used in all our GIS and GPS classes. We have tried several different GPS units and have narrowed it down to two units. These units have been kid tested as well as teacher tested. We have used them in several different classes and all our trainers feel the following units will go the distance.

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GPS Units & Cable

In looking for a replacement unit for the Garmin GPS 60, we discovered Garmin has developed a new series that fits right into our program. The Garmin unit we are suggesting is great for fieldwork, scavenger hunts, geocaching and all round activities. the GPS 72H is your trusted guide to the great outdoors. The GPS 72H, a lightweight, waterproof handheld that floats. Simple yet robust, the GPS 72H features high-sensitivity GPS and a USB connection along with its large screen, simple operation and rock-solid performance.

Find your way effortlessly with the GPS 72H's high-sensitivity GPS receiver. GPS 72H acquires satellite signals quickly and tracks your location in challenging conditions, such as heavy tree cover or deep canyons.

Don't worry about losing this GPS device in the drink. The GPS 72H floats in water, and it's IPX7 waterproof to withstand the accidental dunk or splash in the lake. Whether on water or land, the GPS 72H can save up to 500 of your favorite places in memory and point you to your destination (no street or terrain maps).

The next level up is the GPSMAP 78 it is for land lovers, boaters and watersports enthusiasts who want to run with the best, the rugged GPSMAP 78 features crisp color mapping, high-sensitivity receiver, new molded rubber side grips, plus a microSD™ card slot for loading additional maps. And it floats!

The regular cost for the GPS 72H is $149.99 and the regular cost of the GPSMAP 78 is $349.99.
A Garmin dealer has worked a real good deal on this unit which we can pass along to schools.
Please contact us for more information about the discounted prices.

Suggested Software

From ESRI you can use either of the following. ArcExplorer Java Edition for Education (AEJEE) - free to schools. The other product is ArcGIS Software for Schools from ESRI - version 9.x - Cost is approximately $595 for a school license or you can earn it free. To find out more please contact the team directly.

The last item you will need is one piece of software that will do the work of uploading and downloading data to and from the GPS unit. We have designed our program with this software since it is easy to use. It is called G7 to Win, it is a recent replacement to the National Geographic GPS USA software we used in the past. It is free to download but the developer does request donations. Considering what it does in term of preparing data for a GIS application, it is worth it. It does require a little work but again it is worth it!

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If you have any additional questions, please contact the team directly.

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