Task 2
Setting Up the Travel Bug

How do I Create an Account with Geocaching.Com?

In order to start this project, you need to set up an geocaching account. Just vist www.geocaching.com and click on "login" in the upper right hand corner. The account is free so click on "Create a new account" and follow the steps. To activate the account, you will receive an email that will have a link in it to verify the account. Just click on it and you will be ready to start your adventure!

How do I get a Travel Bug?

Travel Bugs can be found in the Groundspeak Store for $5.99 each (and discounts on 4 or more), or...

If you would like to purchase Travel Bugs only, you can save on shipping by paying via PayPal through their order form. Unfortunately they cannot ship outside the United States through PayPal.

I received my Travel Bug. What do I do next?

You will first need to activate each travel bug you own. Visit the Travel Bug activation wizard to start activating your new Travel Bugs. Once you activate them you can start placing them in caches. There are three simple steps and three follow up step in activating your Travel Bug. Your code for each travel bug is printed on the packaging each bug came in.

Example of the Wizard Steps:

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