Task 3
Setting Up a Geocache for the Travel Bug

How do I drop off a Travel Bug in my own cache?

You need to created a new geocache listing (starting point) for your Travel Bug. In this project it will be a geocache near your school. To create a geocache for your Travel Bug, go to: www.geocaching.com and "login" if you have to. Click on "Hide and Seek a Cache" and then click on: "fill out online form" under the "Hide a Cache" section.

Example of the Form:

It will take some time to have your geocache verified before it is active. It usually takes 2 to 3 days for this to happen. You need to "login" and click on "My Account" and you should see your "My Account Details" listed. Under it, you will see a listing:: "My caches waiting for review". If you click on it, your Geocaching Page will open but it will have a Notice on it stating: This cache has not been approved yet. Once it is approved, it will be listed on the site. Check the logs to see if the reviewers have left a note for this listing.

Click here for an example of that page. Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of your cache page to see if any comments were placed in the log area from the person who is verfying it. These are usually concerns or problems that nedd to be addressed before it can be verified.

How do I post the Location of my Travel Bug?

Once you have created your new cache listing (starting point), revisit the listing's page and click on the link to "post a new log". Write a note for your cache listing and select the Travel Bug you wish to drop off in your cache.

Go to Geocaching Canadian Pharmacy and click on: "My Account" and login if you haven't already.

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